The David House seeks to help followers of Jesus truly follow Him today. We connect the timeless teachings of the Bible to the individual through the Jewish root of our faith by applying the whole Bible to our everyday lives. Connect with us for a little help finding life transforming faith and a more intimate walk with God. 




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Piers loves to talk about life, the Bible and everything in between. As his friends will tell you, it is hard to get him to stop talking. He regularly speaks at events in the UK, Ukraine, Israel and beyond on topics from the Jewishness of Jesus to the nature of church and lessons in Leviticus for us today. To book Piers, click here.


The symbiosis of Jew and Gentile is vital to the health of the whole Body of Christ, yet this foundational truth has been neglected for almost 2000 years. Jewish and Gentile leaders are coming together to heal this rift and plot a new course forward together. Get our newsletter for updates on our partnerships.